Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paint Nite Date Night (Husband Approved)

Ladies! Call your babies a sitter and schedule a much needed date night with your husband!

Here is a date idea that sure is fun with a less expensive alternative also included at the bottom (and best of all, it is husband approved!)


I found this on for half price. I believe they list it on as well. I would definitely check those sites first, otherwise this date can turn pricey. 

After purchasing your seats, you go to the main site and select the painting you want to do. They are ranked from easy to difficult. They then have you select a date to attend the paint nite. 

*Disclaimer: You must be over 21 to participate because these events typically take place in a bar or pub. And, of course, drinking is not required.

Our finished works of art! He named his after me! My husband's a cutie, huh?

date night ideas

They even had shuffle board there! Which I beat my husband at every time ;)

Budget friendly version: have a paint nite at home! 
We did this when we first started dating.  Cooked a great meal, grabbed some cheap painting supplies at Michaels, lit some candles, & painted our dream house! 

Happy Dating!
xoxo alexis

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