Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to Make a Confetti Birthday Banner

David's birthday party is about a week away and so I've been gathering supplies. I have the pavilion reserved, the invites sent out, and the menu planned, all that's left (aside from making the food) are the decorations!

I decided to make most of the decor for David's First Birthday Bash partly because I feel like most store-bought decorations are not very cute and partly because I just don't feel like it's special enough--turning one is a big deal! Plus, when you make your own decorations you can really customize them to the party.

The theme for David's birthday is confetti. I know, it's not as cool as other people who do dinosaur parties or Frozen parties, etc. but it is more our style. I'm just not a big fan of the cute-sy parties where the names of all the food change to match the theme [ex.) donut holes become dino eggs]. But confetti is easy. Just add sprinkles to your the tops of your cookies or brownies and your set!

So here is a tutorial for David's Birthday Banner! It's easy, colorful, fun, and (I think) super cute!!

Confetti Birthday Banner


  • computer paper
  • 3 sheets silver glitter card stock ($1 ea at Michael's)
  • 1 pack multi-color cardstock ($4.99 at Michael's)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • pen
  • 25 ft string (or however long you need, mine needs to reach across 18')

happy birthday

Step One:

  • Choose a font you like on your computer and type up your banner. You only need one of each letter so for "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" I only typed up "HAPYBIRTHD"
  • I personally just used Word Art and picked the first option it gave me. 
  • Change the settings to make each letter 4" x 2.5" (with the exception of "I," which is 4"x 1") 
  • Print and cut out each letter

happy birthday

Step Two:

  • Trace each letter onto the back of your glitter card stock
  • Reverse your letters so you are tracing the mirror images, that way the glitter side will be facing the right way
happy birthday

Step Three:

  • Cut out your letters and hole punch them
  • I only had a three ring hole punch, so that's what I used.
  • Important!! punch two holes in each letter (even "I"). This will help stabilize your letters so they are laying flat and not sideways when you put them on the string
confetti birthday banner

Step Four:

  • Take your multi-colored card stock and trace a circle on it. 
  • I used a bowl I had in my cabinet for the stencil, it is about 5" in diameter.
  • If you use a 5" bowl, you can fit 2 circles per page

confetti birthday banner

Step Five:

  • Now that you have your circles traced, cut them out
  • The card stock I bought had 5 different colors, I cut out 20 circles, so 4 of each color
  • After you cut them, hole punch 2 holes at the top of each circle
confetti birthday banner

Step Six: 

  • Center everything on the string and you're done!
confetti birthday banner

I hope you love the way your banner turned out! I know I did! Happy Birthday!!

DIY Confetti Birthday Banner

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