Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Update #1

Hello there! Today's post is going to be an update on all the changes going on in our lives. If you're not interested in reading about that, then click on over to this post I wrote awhile back with my secret family recipe for salsa verde because it really goes great with just about anything ;) Or just stay tuned, in a couple days I plan on posting a themed date night idea ;)

Now for the update...

It is almost the end of July and we are thoroughly enjoying this weather. In fact, David & I just got back from the pool! And yesterday we went to the park/splash pad & the day before that we--well. I went to work. But for the most part we are trying to take advantage of the warm weather while we have it & hopefully accomplishing as much from our summer bucket list as we can. 

Honestly, we love summer so much that we are even contemplating moving to Arizona so we can have summer year round! We have about a month before we really have to make a decision because our lease is up in October, so I will keep you posted.

Updates on David: 

He is doing great! He just gets cuter every day! He now says hello! Check out the video below.

It comes out like "uh-row," but he ONLY says it when he's got a phone to his ear so we're pretty confident that's what he's saying. 

He pretty much gets into everything now! The other day I saw him attempting to climb out of his crib & he's reaching for door knobs to open doors! He's still not quite tall enough for either yet (thankfully), but literally just a half an inch more and he'll be unstoppable!

Check him out in this cute suit =)

babies in suits

baby in a suit

I know every mom probably says this, but I have the CUTEST baby on the planet! And does he not look like a little 5 year old in these pics? lol well maybe not 5, but he definitely doesn't look like he just barely turned 1!

Being a mom is so much fun! I definitely recommend it. Plus, seeing your baby grow & develop is just amazing. I'm constantly impressed by this little boy's imagination. He has no siblings, and is the first & (currently) only grandson on both sides so he really has no one to teach him how to play so everything he does he came up with on his own.

Take this next video for example. 

Since he was around 8-9 months old he's been making sound effects when he plays with cars & also when he throws balls. We never did that with him! Or when he wanted dad to chase him back when he first started crawling! He just started doing that on his own one day! 

I know it doesn't sound like much, and before I had kids I didn't think I would be like this. But I am literally so proud & impressed by everything he does. 

If you have kids you know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, you will...

Anyway, that's it for now.

Let me know some of your favorite memories with your kids in the comments below =)

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