Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boy or Girl? Methods for finding out baby gender!

Probably the most exciting thing next to finding out you are pregnant is finding out the sex of the baby. It just makes everything so much more real.

I still remember when I found out that my son was a boy. I was just 14 weeks along and we were accompanying a friend to an ultrasound for her son. My husband jokingly asked the Ultrasound technician to show us our baby's gender and he went for it! He said he wasn't technically allowed to, but he could have his student/intern do it and it'd be considered a "teaching" moment. And just like that we were able to find out 6 weeks early (and for free!) that we were having a little boy!

This time around (Yes, you heard me right! We are expecting!) I don't think we'll get so lucky. Typically they don't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks unless you are willing to pay extra for one sooner.

Being the impatient people we are, we are trying all sorts of methods to see if we can predict our baby's gender sooner.
11 ways to predict baby gender

Here are the methods we have tried:

1. The Ring Test

wedding ring baby gender test
The rules of the test are simple: take your wedding ring, tie it to a string, and hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, it's a boy. If it goes back and forth, it's a girl.

Result: Girl!

2. The Chinese Calendar

chinese gender calendar
The thing that I hate about the Chinese Gender Calendar is that there are soo many versions out there! This is the one that was right with my son, but it was wrong for my sister so who really knows.. However, because my ovulation week was half in July & half in August and there's no real way to tell the exact day we conceived, so it really could be either..

Results: Boy or girl, depending on conception date

3. Heart Rate per Minute Test

heart rate to determine baby gender
According to this test, if the babies heart rate is <140 bpm then it's a boy, if it's >140 bpm it is a girl. I actually do not remember what David's heart rate was and I will not know this baby's until our doctor's appointment. So I will keep you posted.

Results: To be determined

4. Urine Color Test

urine test for predicting gender

This one seems a bit gross, but why not? If your pee is a bright yellow color it is a boy. If it is more dull, you're having a girl. Supposedly you can also add a Tbs of Drano to the cup & if your urine turns green it's a girl, while blue is a boy.

Results: Girl!

5. The Linea Negra

linea negra gender prediction test

This is the line that forms on your belly. An old wive's tale states that if the line goes past your belly button it is a boy. If it doesn't you are having a girl. This was correct for both me & my sister. Unfortunately, the line still hasn't faded completely after baby #1, so I can't really say one way or another.

Results: Inconclusive.

6. Your skin

woman with beautiful skin gender prediction test

I've heard so many things about skin and pregnancy. If you're having a girl, you tend to break out because she is "stealing her mother's beauty," but I just learned a new one that I thought was interesting. Boys give you dry skin and girls give you soft skin! I love it! I had dry skin with David, and my skin is not at all dry now. 

Results: Girl!

7.  The Pillow Test

pillow test for gender

I'm not sure how much this actually has to do with the baby, but a pillow facing South predicts a girl, a pillow facing North is a boy, and East or West is inconclusive. I feel like maybe knowing the direction of the pillow while the baby was being conceived might be a better clue, but either way this one's a little out there..

Results: Boy!

8. The Eye Test

whether or not your pupils dilate can determine your baby's gender

Look in the mirror for 1 minute. If your pupils are dilating then you are having a boy. Mine dilated initially, but then the next second they immediately returned to normal and stayed that way for the remaining 58 seconds, so I think that means it's a girl?

Results: Girl!

9. The Baking Soda Test

use baking soda to predict baby gender

Add baking soda to a cup of your urine (Gross!). If it fizzles, it's a boy, if not, it's a girl!

Results: Girl!

10. Thick & lustrous or thin & dull?

having dull vs shiny hair can predict baby gender

If your hair is looking dull & thin you could be having a girl. If your hair is looking better than ever, thank those boy genes!

Results: Girl!

11. If you have a baby already, what was their first word?

current baby's first word predicts next baby's gender
(a girl would be great, but it would be a lot of fun to have another one of these running around!)

If you already have a kid, they can help you predict the gender. If their first word was "mama" it is a girl, and if it's "dada" your looking at a boy. 

David said "mama," although... maybe that just means I'm his favorite ;)

Results: Girl!

There you have it! 7 votes for Girl, 3 Unknown, & 1 for Boy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

What tests have you guys tried? Were they accurate?



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