Thursday, August 20, 2015

FIVE things pregnant women can't do

If you were able to read my last post about how to predict your baby's gender, then you know that our cute little family of three will soon become a family of four!

This is sooo crazy to me. Suddenly we don't feel like newlyweds with a baby; we are an established family. The idea of expanding our family just feels so exciting, so unreal, and really just so grown up.

This new baby will be the third grandchild (the 2nd will be here any day--my sister is having contractions as we speak!) and if those gender prediction tests are at all accurate, this baby will be the first grand-daughter! (update: it was right! we had a girl!)

When we decided to start trying for baby #2, I really thought it would take longer. The timing must have been just right because we got pregnant right away! Unfortunately, that made it so that I wasn't really able to complete my pre-pregnancy bucket list since most of the items are on the "don't" list.

Disclaimer: While I feel it should be obvious, always consult with your doctor if you are unsure of what is safe/unsafe during pregnancy. I have seen some comments where people say they still did XYZ and it was fine. Of course every situation and pregnancy is different. This is just a general list.

Here are 5 things you shouldn't do once your pregnant:

5 things you can't do while pregnant- that you wouldn't expect

1. Anything that will raise your body temp too high

  • This means Hot Tubs! Tanning! and Steam Rooms! Honestly I am so beyond bummed about this one. Soaking in a hot tub is one of my favorite things. I vowed to go after David was born, but we don't have a hot tub in our apartment complex and the ones at the gym are kind of gross, soo it looks like I'll have to wait another 9-10 months..

2.  Sleep on your stomach

  • I am enjoying being able to do this while I still can, but I know my days are numbered...

3. Amusement park rides

  • Of course there still are rides you can go on, but roller coasters, large water slides at the water park, and bumper cars are on the "don't" list. Bummer! I literally JUST renewed my season pass at the water park! I guess it's kiddie land & wave pools for me..

4. Have high levels of caffeine

  • Caffeine isn't terrible during your pregnancy as long as you aren't going overboard. I personally try to stay away from sodas and energy drinks. But really, not only do these drinks have caffeine, but they're typically pretty high in calories & I don't want to gain any more weight than necessary this time around.

5. Anything not well done

  • This means raw fish (which is fine with me), under cooked meat & under cooked/ over easy eggs. I'm not a huge rare meat fan, so this one is the easiest rule to follow, but really, I'm just sick of having so many rules!

So if I were you (and you aren't pregnant yet) this would be my pre-pregnancy bucket list:

pre-pregnancy bucket list- things to do before you become pregnant

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