Friday, November 20, 2015

Pregnancy Update 18 weeks!

I am 18 (18 1/2) weeks! This baby is finally starting to kick. I felt her for the first time last weekend! It is finally starting to feel a little more real, although I am not really showing much at all (yet).

Stats so far:

Weeks: 18.5
Gender: It's a girl!!!!!
Weight Gain: 2.5 pounds
Stretch Marks: 0
Symptoms: Lack of appetite, bloating 
Cravings: Mexican Food, mainly chilaquiles (found this recipe on Pinterest, soo good!) Also, asparagus, fruit, and last week I was craving salt & vinegar chips pretty badly. I ate them 3 days in a row! They still sound good, but I don't want them as desperately as I did last week.
Missing: Energy. There are so many things I want to do in a day (mainly work out) but I have been soo tired!
Exercise: Cardio 3 times a week for a half hour and free weights so far only 2-3 times per week. I'd love to up it.
Diet: Fairly normal, minus the 3 days of salt & vinegar chips. I have been trying to incorporate more salads and have made a kale smoothie a few different mornings. I just feel like I need more veggies, so I am working on it!

All in all I am pretty happy. I am worried about weight gain, because although I haven't gained much & am not in maternity clothes yet, I am almost at the half way point so I know it's just a matter of time before the weight gain starts to pile on. When I was pregnant with David I gained a little over 45 pounds! Healthy weight gain when you start at an average weight, is between 25-30. That is my goal. Since my weight is finally starting to go up, I am just making sure I keep exercising (which I didn't do with my first pregnancy) and incorporate veggies. I am also trying to keep junk food to a minimum & am paying attention to hunger cues. I am a huge lover of food and tend to overeat during pregnancy when I think something tastes good. I want to make sure I am only eating when I am actually hungry. 

I am hoping this strategy pays off and makes for a smooth post-partum recovery! Wish me luck!

My next update (with picture) will be at 20 weeks, although it could very well end up being at 21 weeks because we will be out of town that first week in December. But I will keep you all posted!

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