Wednesday, January 6, 2016

20 Ways to Date Your Spouse

A lot of us have present shopping off our radar now that Christmas is over, but guess what holiday's just around the corner?? Valentine's Day! (we also have our anniversary coming up on the 31st-so it's really a double whammy)

Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's, etc are all great times to shop for your spouse, but for us, our love language is a combination of time and physical touch so we like to celebrate a little differently. (If you haven't read The 5 Love Languages, you definitely should!)

If you are anything like us, please read on for some great date ideas for spending time with your spouse that you will enjoy as well!

Need some more ideas? Check out this post on celebrating your husband on his birthday.

date night ideas perfect for Valentines or anniversaries. love the idea of renting a stand up comedy video!

1. Impromptu "luau" -- it sounds silly, but we live where it snows & can be pretty cold come January/February. Since a tropical vacation is a little out of budget, sometimes it's fun to pretend. Crank up the heat, wear beach clothes, enjoy some pulled pork, grilled pineapple, and tropical smoothies. If you have a hot tub, we like to hit it up & relax, otherwise a nice bubble bath is a good replacement. And if you must travel outside your home, crank up the heat in the car and continue the charade ;) 

2. Have a fondue night--appetizers, dinner, dessert-think Melting Pot!

3. Rent a video of your favorite stand up comedian! 

4. Make a vision board

5. Soak feet in a foot bath & follow it up with foot rubs

6. Eat by candlelight with soothing music playing in the background

7. Do a face mask

8. Eat dark chocolate covered strawberries--both are aphrodisiacs ;) I could even see us doing a night of aphrodisiacs, where everything on the menu needed to be one. Ooh! We totally might do this for Valentines!

9. Write each other love letters & read them aloud (you could even make this a fun time capsule, by making a video/recording them for you/your kids to listen to years later-how fun would that be to play during your 20th wedding anniversary!)

10. Have a picnic indoors (or outdoors)

11. Cook dinner together-- we either split this up, where one person does dinner & the other dessert or we make something completely new together.

12. Ask in-depth get to know you questions (need help? here's a list of questions I guarantee will have you learning more about your spouse)

14. Have a game night! (Check out this post by the Dating Divas for card game inspiration)

15. Take a bubble bath together

16. Look through old photos

17. Head to the gym and play some racquetball or our personal favorite--basketball! (we mainly play horse or around the world, but still fun!) Active dates are the best! Make a bet, winner gets a massage or picks the movie, etc

18. If weather permits, take a bike ride!

19. Have a movie night (boring! but more fun if you make it themed [have dinner, dessert & snacks match the movie])

20. Have a photoshoot-- we can never have enough couple pictures, and frankly when it comes time to pick a new Facebook profile pic it seems like we don't have ANY!

Pick 2 or 3 and pair them together for a great date night in! 

Some examples: 

I might pair the indoor picnic with some candlelight and soothing music while eating take out and follow it up with reminiscing over old photos. 

Or I might do a spa day with a foot bath/foot rub, face mask and chocolate covered strawberries while asking each other in depth get to know you questions. 

If we chose movie night, I'd make sure we bonded while making dinner together possibly Iron Chef style where we each would pick out some ingredients and invent a new recipe together (If it turns out awful we laugh & then order a pizza)

Another example might be to pair a bike ride with a picnic. We did a 20 mile bike ride that ended in a picnic at sunset at the beach! So fun to relax & enjoy the view afterward!

Have some fun with these ideas, get creative, and enjoy your spouse!!

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