Thursday, February 4, 2016

25 Questions for a Better Marriage

It is easy to get in a routine once your married. A lot of the days start to blend together and habits start to form. Sometimes they're bad habits and sometimes they're great habits. Either way it is always good to take a day and do a "Marriage Check-In" to see how things are going.

Scott and I don't necessarily go through each of these questions every time we "check in" but we do try to re-evaluate our marriage as often as we can to make sure we are both as happy as we can be.

I really believe that communication is the most important thing in a marriage. And while we can talk all day about politics or the cute thing our son did that day, we also want to make sure we're communicating the right things so that we can learn about where our marriage stands and how we can build on it to make sure it lasts.

25 questions to ask your spouse regularly for a better marriage

Here are 25 questions we like to ask each other from time to time to make sure we're both as happy as we can be:

  1. Is there anything I used to do for you that you wish I still did?
  2. What's your dream date with me?
  3. What have you learned to appreciate about me that you didn't know when we were first married?
  4. What came as a surprise to you after we got married?
  5. Is there anything I do that annoys you?
  6. What would you change about our sex life?
  7. What's the best way for me to initiate sex?
  8. What is my most attractive quality?
  9. Do you feel like you can talk to me about anything?
  10. Do you feel at peace with me?
  11. Do you feel like we understand each other more now?
  12. Do you get enough alone time/time with friends?
  13. Which friend/relative do you think has the most ideal marriage & why?
  14. What's your favorite memory with me?
  15. Do you feel accepted by me?
  16. Do I show you enough respect? 
  17. Are there times when I am too critical?
  18. How has your love for me changed since marriage?
  19. Is marriage different than you expected? If so, how?
  20. What was the biggest adjustment you made after we got married?
  21. Do you feel like I've helped you become a better person since marriage? 
  22. Is there anything you need from me to continue growing as a person?
  23. What do you think your greatest weakness is and how do I complement that?
  24. What expectations do you have of me as your spouse?
  25. What are the 5 most important parts of a marriage? Rank them.

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