Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why We're Waiting to Potty Train

By now, if you're a first time mom your in-laws have probably told you that their kids were potty trained by 12 months. They've probably insisted you start your potty training journey now. Mine have. Mine have even gone as far as starting potty training while they babysit despite the fact that I've mentioned time and time again that we are waiting.

why we're waiting to potty train- potty training doesn't have to start asap

We are waiting to potty train for multiple reasons. Let me explain.

Sure we'd love to not have to change diapers. It would be great if our toddler could wipe his own butt and didn't wet the bed. It would be especially great since we are expecting our second child in April, but sometimes your child is just NOT ready.

If we tried, we could probably manage (based on facial cues) to rush him to the toilet 25% of the time & maybe he'd go--mainly just for bowel movements. We might save a 1-2 diapers a day that way.. but at 18 months our son has not successfully shown that he knows he needs to use the restroom before it happens.

He recognizes after the fact sure, but not before. I'm not even sure he dislikes the feeling of a dirty diaper yet. Half the time he still fights us during diaper changes. He also can't pull down his own pants.

A potty trained child, in my mind, knows before they need to go and is able to get themselves to the toilet, pull down their pants, go potty, tear of sheets of toilet paper, & wipe themselves without the help of an adult. Sure that process takes training, but it's really just a waste of time, in my opinion, to start teaching it until they can master a couple of the tasks that will be required.

I don't want to spend 6-10 months potty training, so I will wait and when I start I will be following Becky Mansfield's guide, "Potty Train in a Weekend" (Click here to view more details) and we will have the process practically perfected in just a few days!

There's a lot involved in potty training. There are a lot of skills to be learned & mastered. My son is very smart and catches on quickly, but he is still not ready.

I would rather spend 3 days potty training when he is ready then spend 6 months or more because he is not.

So for now I'm going to just ignore the remarks of all the "experienced" moms and do what works best for us. And unless he shows a sudden interest in potty training, we will most likely be waiting until we get closer to his 2nd birthday.

Why We're Waiting to Potty Train

At that time, I will let you know how our potty training experience goes, until then I highly recommend this ebook by Becky Mansfield. I have seen it all over the internet & it's had some rave reviews! She has some awesome tips that I never would've thought of. We will definitely be using it as a guide when we start potty training in about 5 months.

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great tips for how to potty train in a weekend

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