Sunday, August 21, 2016

What you should know about freezing breastmilk!

I like to be pretty transparent here on Lexi Michelle Blog, and so today I want to tell you a little about my experience breastfeeding this time around, specifically about storing breastmilk in the freezer.

I wish I had know this BEFORE i started my breast milk freezer stash! No one ever tells you about this! MUST READ!

So, with my first I did no freezer storage whatsoever & I regretted it. I regretted it when I went back to work shortly after he was born and my milk supply completely DROPPED! It was almost impossible for me to bring it back up. Plus, while my work did have a mother's room for pumping mothers, I felt guilty taking as many pumping "breaks" as I would need to keep it up. No one else in my department was a mom, there were a 1 or 2 fathers, but I just didn't think anyone really understood. It felt like people just thought I was relaxing in the break room & skipping out on work, even though that was not the case at all.

I am a stay at home mom now, and so I probably don't "need" a freezer stash, but I opted for one for emergencies.

I did struggle in the beginning with an initial oversupply of milk right after Farrah was born which led to plugged ducts and eventually mastitis & then an allergic reaction (hives) to the medication they gave me to treat mastitis. This then led to a decrease in my milk supply. So it was tough.

I worked hard to increase it. (some of my fave tips here)

I purchased Brewers Yeast, added Ground Flaxseed to everything and even started eating oatmeal & drinking coconut water even though I hate both of those things! And you know what? It worked! After a couple days my milk supply increased. I was pretty prone to plugged ducts after that bout of mastitis, and so occasionally my supply would drop a little, but for the most part I produced a ton of breast milk!

I was happy. I had enough milk where every time I pumped I could give one bottle to Farrah & one would go in a freezer bag & straight into the freezer.

This built up my freezer stash very quickly! But I never touched it! Why? Because fresh breast milk was just so much more convenient for multiple reasons:

  1. It is already the right temperature.
  2. It can stand for up to 6 hours at room temperature before expiring.
  3. I always forgot to pull breast milk out of the freezer to thaw.
breastmilk storage guidelines- what I wish I knew before I started my freezer stash!
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Okay, so when my freezer started to fill up I decided I should probably start rotating out. When I actually started using this milk I learned a couple of things that I wish I had known ahead of time:

  1. Freezer milk is a lot more temperamental.
    • it is only good for 24 hours in the fridge (and takes almost as long to thaw completely).
    • it is only good for 1 hour standing at room temperature.
  2. The taste changes.
    • Yes, I taste my breast milk. I noticed that anything from the freezer older than about 6 weeks started to taste more iron-y/metallic. Why? I guess this has something to do with the enzymes that digest milk(lipase) breaking down the fats while the milk is stored. The milk is still perfectly fine for baby, but some babies don't like the taste.
  3. It is pretty inconvenient to prevent the metallic taste.
    • I read that you can prevent the metallic taste from happening if you heat the breast milk on the stove (not oven) until the edges start to bubble, then let it cool, & freeze it. This works because it stops the activity of those enzymes.
    • I have never tried it, but honestly, the whole house falls apart when I pump. David turns into a little toddler tornado & I really don't have time to heat milk on the stove & watch it to make sure it doesn't turn into a rolling boil.

So what would I do differently?

I would definitely start rotating out freezer milk every couple weeks. This taste is something I only noticed in my older milk, so instead I recommend rotating it out and not waiting until the milk is already 3 months old to do it. 

I am pretty lucky and Farrah will drink the older, metallic-y tasting milk, but I do feel pretty bad giving it to her and avoid it as much as possible. My sister has had success feeding her son bottles that are half fresh and half frozen breast milk to minimize the taste so that is another option. Otherwise, scald the milk like I mentioned before.

But honestly, this is something NO ONE talks about when mentioning their freezer milk & I really wish I had known about it when I started storing breast milk.

One more thing!

If you are using those Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (which is what I use) and you are thawing the milk in the fridge, be sure to set those bags in like a tupperware container or a small bowl because I have had a couple leakers! I think it's because the frozen milk can be sharp when frozen & sometimes cuts into the plastic baggies. Nothing's worse than spilt milk!


  1. This was so helpful and would've been even more helpful if I would have read this two months ago. My twins were in the Nicu for 52 days so I pumped every three hours to make sure they had fresh milk and I froze a ton of milk also. They are home and as their volume of milk increases I'm finding it hard to keep up and so I have begun to unthaw. One of my twins will not drink the unthawed milk due to the taste. I didn't realize that it taste so bad and thought something was wrong with it.I'm happy to hear that there isn't. I don't want to feed either of my twins the bad tasting milk and will likely have to depose of a ton of breast milk which breaks my heart.

    1. I'm gald this was helpful! I'm sorry that one of your twins doesn't like it! I can't blame them! frozen milk just isnt the best tasting. Try mixing it with fresh & that should help the taste! good luck!

  2. I've heard you can donate it to a milk bank where they can dispense it to tube fed babies. Check it out to see if there is something in your area. What an incredible gift!

    1. that is a great idea! definitely a good option!

    2. Agreed !! My son was one of those babies that had to receive Donor Milk thru his tube till mine came in

  3. I had the same problem and those Lansinoh breast milk bags are the issue. Once i started putting my milk in the Nuk bags and the Philips bags and freezing it the metallic taste was reduced if not gone. Also the strong freezer burnt smell was gone as well. I was disappointed with the Lansinoh bags since they were more expensive and supposed to be higher quality.

    1. really?! That's good to know, I had no clue the type of bag could affect the taste. I wish I would've tried a different bag now!

    2. I bought the Toys R Us "generic" bags and never had an issue with either taste or leakage. They were by far my favorite ones to use AND they were much much cheaper than the branded bags! Having said that, rotating is definitely still a good idea and might do that if I also pump with my second.

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  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going back to work next week and your info has been very helpful.

  7. My little guy benefited from donor milk too! I would recommend talking to a lactation specialist about the donation of your breastmilk