Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ways to make your husband's birthday special!

October 1st. Day one of the Post-A-Day blog challenge! Day one of our Countdown to Halloween book read-a-thon! And, most importantly,my fantastic husband's 30th birthday!!

On my birthday I wrote my 50+ birthday freebies post, but this time I thought I'd write about how to celebrate your husband.

My husband is fairly simple when it comes to his birthday. He never asks for much (normally just a bottle of cologne and some Carl's Jr). The problem is, he ALWAYS asks for cologne, whether it's his birthday, Father's day, Christmas, or Valentine's and I, personally, get sick of gifting him the same thing every time.

Here are some ideas of things I have done in the past to add to the typical, boring cologne present and hopefully, make sure he had a great day!

5 ways to celebrate your husband on his birthday plus 2 extra

1. Breakfast

  • A good breakfast is a great way to start the day. My husband works at 7am so it does require me to get out of my warm bed to prep it. I almost feel bad because this is something I used to do for him everyday. I would pack it in a tupperware for him to eat at work, but somewhere along the path of marriage I suppose I grew lazy.. The breakfast I like to make is eggs (omelet style) with diced peppers, onions, ham & cheese. Don't forget the plastic fork! 

2. Love notes

  • I love receiving notes & texts letting me know my husband is thinking of me and Scott feels the same way. I hid some simple love notes in his car for him to find on his way to work to hopefully cheer him up.

3. Birthday Lunch

  • Every year, only on his birthday, my husband will eat a Super Star with cheese from Carl's Jr. He's afraid if he eats more than once a year he will start to take it for granted and not appreciate it's delicious flavor. So every year I surprise him at work with some Carl's. It's a great way to continue the birthday celebration.

4. Birthday Dinner

  • Now, I'm sure most people have this tradition. But the birthday boy gets to pick where he wants to eat. For my husband it is Market Street Grill. When it's my birthday, I pick a Tepanyaki style restaurant. 

5. Recreate his old t-shirts

  • This is a new one that I did this year. My husband has some old band t-shirts that he absolutely loves! They are a little worn down, ripped, & faded and one has a bleach stain on the back. This year for his birthday, I went to a tshirt design place and had them remade. That way he can enjoy his shirts for many more years.

Optional 6th present:

  • Every holiday/birthday one of my gifts to him is kind of a gift to me which is why I didn't totally include it in the list. But I buy myself some lingerie. It makes the night a little more special than just the average night & his reaction always is a huge boost to my self esteem! So it's really a win-win!
I hope you enjoy celebrate your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend! I know I do. I love having a day dedicated to showing him how much he means to me! 

**OH I just thought of another I've done in the past: a massage! Scott has back problems so he loves this one! If you want some extra time with your hubby you can even make it a couples massage & enjoy some of that birthday gift your self!!


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