Monday, February 27, 2017

Fun St. Patrick's Day Traditions

My mom always went all out for holidays. I think she enjoyed them as much as we did. One in particular that stood out was St Patrick's Day.

Each year we would set up our leprechaun traps we made in school & each year the leprechauns would get away, leaving behind gold chocolate coins. This was so fun and seemed completely normal until I realized that the leprechauns never visited anyone else's homes.

I still loved this St. Patrick's Day tradition nonetheless and looked forward to it every year. I remember one year in particular, the leprechauns had come (& escaped) and there was tiny writing on the walls and a bunch of sheets tied together and thrown over our 3 story balcony. With such a fool-proof plan, how didn't they escape?

This tradition didn't last as long as the other holidays. We probably stopped being visited by leprechauns when we stopped having leprechaun traps as an art project in elementary school.

I definitely want to keep this tradition going with my kids along with a few others. Here are some I've stumbled upon that seem like a lot of fun!

family friendly st patrick's day traditions

1. Make leprechaun traps out of shoe boxes and see if one gets caught during the night.
2. Make a mess! Leprechauns are big pranksters! Don't go overboard though since mom's the one who typically has to clean this up =/
3. Hide "treasure" or a treat somewhere in the house and make clues for the kids to go on a mini scavenger hunt to find them!
4. Use mint ice cream to make your own shamrock shakes!
5. We love having a dish heavy in potatoes at some point during the day to remind us of Irish food ;)
6. Wear green. This is always a must.
7. Make St Patrick's Day cookies!
8. St Patrick's themed breakfast, think green food coloring or maybe something with Lucky Charms cereal!
9. Leprechaun treasure box. You put the treasure box out the night before & the leprechaun fills it with treasure and hides it. If you find the box, it's yours. (found this idea here). This one is great, but if you have multiple kids there either has to be a consolation prize or multiple boxes otherwise some fights could ensue ;)

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